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We're lousy salesmen. Absolutely mortified by the idea of having to force anything on anyone.

Perhaps that's what makes our copywriting stand out.

Perhaps it's also why we have so few clients.

Studio Tobias Røder

some paint on a canvas

"Why should I say anything about you?

It's all about me, this."

Tobias Røder
graphic design genius
Tobias Røder

Tobias Røder has been hailed as “the best graphic designer of his generation”. For years, we have had the pleasure of supplying the words that lay the foundation for his iconic designs. We also came up with the tagline ‘Design is what ideas look like’, which now adorns the walls of his studio like some alien religious doctrine. 

By a fluke of fate, Tobias and Niklas have known each other since they were kids. They now work together at Studio Tobias Røder in Copenhagen, and occasionally give visual communication workshops in Paris and Marseille.

Staalby Solo

more paint on a canvas

"I'm not sure I want to recommend you.

You just might steal my clients."

Jakob Staalby
ad man extraordinaire
Jakob Staalby

Jakob Staalby is an ad man with a genuine flair for concepts and campaigns. He runs the hot-shop Staalby Solo, which has gained praise for its work for Roccamore, Information, and, among many others. 

On a few occasions, when Staalby Solo has been too much in demand, we have had the privilege of helping out on various projects behind the scenes.


gold and purple

"Niklas is a good speller."

Jill Ann Press
graphic designer and ex-wife
Jill Ann Press

Jill Ann Press is a print designer with a rare talent for making what could otherwise have been boring look beautiful. She runs the design agency Pragtfuldt, which specializes in design of non-fiction books and visual communication for NGOs.


Jill will occasionally ask us to spell check something before sending it off to a client, or to come up with a few lines of text. “Just write some words, will you? Quit being such a diva about it.”

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