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Ages ago, in a rented room in Malmö, Sweden, Niklas Press spent his long, lonely nights translating acclaimed American playwright David Mamet's classic introduction to film-making, On Directing Film, to Danish. Eventually, the publishing house that published the book morphed into Zlotnik's – An Uncompromising Artistic Empire. In 2020, Zlotnik's published Niklas Press' debut as a poet. And in April 2024, we published his most personal book yet. Join us if you dare!


Katafalk is a life-affirming book about death. Or rather, about what it's like to live on without your loved ones.

Part poetry, part artwork, the book offers an intimate view into one person's experience. However, it is the result of a collaboration between Niklas Press (words) and Miloš Zlotnik (visuals), beautifully put together by the design agency Pragtfuldt.

A fair warning to our international friends: The poems are all in Danish. 

You can read reviews and buy the book on the official website:

Om at instruere film, af David Mamet

Om at instruere film

In David Mamet’s provocative, annoying, and very funny book, you learn where to put the camera, what to say to the actors, and how to direct a movie about a man who wants to sell a pig.


On Directing Film is an unusual textbook. It’s written by a man who is a two-time Oscar nominated scriptwriter while simultaneously wrestling with the teething troubles of an up-and-coming indie director. 


David Mamet has written scripts for box office hits such as The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Untouchables, and Wag the Dog.


The book is unlikely to be stocked anywhere — but you can order it everywhere. Just say: Forlaget Mina, ISBN 978-87-990591-1-9.

TÆNDT – digte om sex, kærlighed og andre fusere


TÆNDT – digte om sex, kærlighed og andre fusere, published July 2020, marked Niklas Press' debut as a poet. The book features a hand-mounted striking surface, and the cover is 450 g cream-colored cardboard (Gmund Cotton Natural Beige), which, over time, will acquire a patina just like leather. And which, as Miloš Zlotnik never fails to point out, is considerably more costly to produce than a hardcover book.

TÆNDT – digte om sex, kærlighed og andre fusere was designed through and through by Studio Tobias Røder.

Read more about the insane undertaking on the book’s official website: TÆ

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