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Colorful Abstract Painting
Foto: Jørgen Vestergaard


The exact origins of Zlotnik's are somewhat hazy, obscured as they are by cigarette smoke and cheap gin. But one day in 1982, Miroslaw Zlotnik emerged from his workshop carrying his first sellable posters, puppets and props.

After entering a successful if somewhat baffling partnership with Carl H. Press III, Zlotnik's began to grow, expanding from Polish theater posters to mechanical contraptions, stop-motion pictures, set designs, and basically anything to make a buck.

The duo Press & Zlotnik continued their partnership for over 30 years. In 2013, with the passing of Carl Press, Miroslaw Zlotnik sank into a deep depression and disappeared — most likely back to his native Kraków. But what was left of the crumbling empire was soon claimed by his son, Miloš.

A New Generation

In April 2013, Miloš Zlotnik founded Zlotnik’s in its current form, with the grand although rather elastic ambition "to achieve artistic world domination”.

For all the hot-headed energy of the new Zlotnik's, the empire is built firmly on the legacy of the old boys. Couldn't have done it without 'em, as they say.

Like his father before him, Miloš Zlotnik prefers to operate behind the scenes, leaving it to yet another member of the Danish-American Press clan, Niklas Press, to do the dirty work.

For more than a decade now, this has included beautiful books and artsy illustrations. We also provide script translations to major Danish film production companies, and copywriting services to some of Denmark’s most prominent graphic designers.

Foto: Jacob Tanghøj
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