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Lovin' Ipsum

At the moment we're working on a book, and it's the best thing ever. Writing it, that is. Whether the book itself will be any good, only time will tell. And you, perhaps, if you decide to read it someday. 

Being the artsy types, we're always ready to sell out if the price is right. So if you've got a movie script that people in Hollywood are dying to read, and you're dying for someone to help you craft it into American-English – by all means, drop us a line.

Clients: Angel Films, Apple Tree Productions, Blonde Media, CEC Film, Copenhagen Bombay, DR Drama, Fridthjof Film, Miso Film, Nordisk Film Production, NWR, SAM Productions, SF Studios, Toolbox Film, Zentropa, The Weinstein Company, among others.

Cases – feature films: Aminas Breve, Dræberne fra Nibe, ID:A, Klovn – The Movie​, Nabospionen, Råzone, Stille Hjerte​​, Så længe jeg lever, Undtagelsen, QEDA – and yes, a project for The Weinstein Company, among others (confidential).

Cases – series: Arvingerne (DR), Den Som Dræber (Viaplay), Dicte (DR), Liberty (DR), Ragnarok (Netflix), Rita (TV2), The Rain (Netflix), among others (confidential).

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